2014 Toward a Science of Consciousness

The Tucson Conference

Art-Technology Exhibits



Art and Science Collaboration - project LIAison   


EEG:EGG Interactive installation using EEG input  


Skeletal structure is built using PVC pipes and zip ties; MindWave and Arduino is used to build the interactive compartment ;

Circuit design, receiving EEG signals from MindWave headset via USB dongle to Arduino board, is adopted from versions instructions found on the web (follow this link).  This circuit is programed to turn on more LED lights with higher levels of concentration and/or deep level meditation; 3D modeling in SketchUp to take measurements for the structure;  Project LIAison is largely carried out by an independent post-doctoral research fellow, Lia Min (University of Michigan); the project started in January 2013, and is a three-year long post-doctoral fellowship that was initiated by the Life Sciences Institute (LSI)  and the Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design (A&D) . Other projects include: Fly Larvae Study and In My Spectrum