2014 Toward a Science of Consciousness

The Tucson Conference

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Ana Leonor M. Madeira Rodrigues

Drawing As Mediation


Ana Leonor M. Madeira Rodrigues is an artist who exhibits regularly and since the 90s is investigating and recording a self-created/invented bacteriological accident, that alters the relationship between closed inhabited spaces (kitchens) and their inhabitants: the Burned By Blue collapse. She works on this accident since then.“In 1994 I began an investigation on strange creatures that appeared inside “the blue kitchen of an abandoned apartment. “Later, I discovered that they were bacteria with a macroscopic size, but in all “other aspects, similar to real microscopic bacteria. These organisms had suffered a mutation that altered their size due to the exposure of a specific wavelength of the blue color of the kitchen walls. Here I present some units or small groups of those bacteria, which later I named as Bacteria Caerúlea  (or blue bacteria). As an academic researcher she is interested in the cognitive processes of the act of drawing and in its specificity as a mode of non-verbal communication. She graduated in Fine Arts at ESBAL (Lisbon). Between 1989 and 1992 she lived in Berlin where she specialized in Aesthetics and Artistic Communication, at Hochschule der Kunst TU.
She holds a PhD in Architecture (Visual Communication) and is Head of the Department for Drawing and Visual Communication and Associate Lecturer at FA-UTL.  Two recent exhibitions:  - Compulsive Acts of Communication between Bacteria and Humans;

- When a kitchen dreams II.