2014 Toward a Science of Consciousness

The Tucson Conference

Art-Technology Exhibits




SRSnider sculptor

medium: wood





Dr. Stuart Ross Snider retired from private practice in neurology 3 years ago to become a

full-time wood sculptor.   His wood source is the conifer forest floor near the 9000 ft.

meadow of Treasure Park, on Mt. Graham.  This area is unique in Southern Arizona

because it rises above the desert more than 7500’ like a great altar in the cathedral of the sky. It has a mystical aura, in fog and rain and especially at sunset that is archetypical if not spiritual and mindful, and that can be represented in sculpture.



In my sculpture “Inner Thought” I try to convey the concept that consciousness is a product of that brain activity which results in awareness, thinking, directed as well as spontaneous, and feeling.  Art, poetry, and a spiritual sense of nature are based in conscious feeling.

 “Evergreen tree falls to the forest floor.  It is transcendent.   Numinous visual primitives streaming, saturate the air surround.”

Brain Waves”, the title of my second sculpture, refers specifically to the spectrum of the EEG-recorded energy.  In this sculpture, also made of found wood, the waves are outside and above the brain, which itself is elevated on a pillar of petrified wood.  The color code is darkness and light, the non-dominant hemisphere is represented in dark blue, the dominant hemisphere is light red. The question motivating this:  Can these brain signals be the basis of wordless communication between humans and computers?

In my sculpture “Evolution of Man, an Allegory of God, Mind and Computer*A 2 foot wall hanging with a half-page text (the Myth)

I postulate (in symbols) that the origin of consciousness came suddenly and from outside of the track of Darwinian evolution.  The giver of consciousness as well as mind and soul is God, however you understand Him.  He is represented by small pearl crosses on two of the figures.   The story presented is that in the distant future computers develop an all-destroying dark side, as in the movie, “Space Odyssey 2001”.  Yet, all is not lost because another species of humans can be created by the God, who remains at the metaphorical charred tree of Armageddon.



Sculpture currently on display

"Primo Piano Livingallery" in Lecce, Italy.  

The show is called "HUMAN LANDSCAPE" a show based on French philosopher, Pierre Bourdieu, 

who viewed the body as a mediator between one's identity and the world. 

Another exhibit Res Extensa Primo Piano 2013 was based on Spinoza's theory of the link between thought

(res cogitans) and matter and the other image is a detail of the poem epoxied onto the base