2014 Toward a Science of Consciousness - The Tucson Conference


Wednesday  4/23/14    7:00 - 10:00 PM

Friday  4/25/14             7:00 - 10:00 PM



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Allison Leigh Holt           


The Beginning Was The End

Out of Order Videos-The Perception Laboratory




P. Palucki                                                              B. Urie                                                                             




Gino Yu





T. Walters                                                                             J. Walter



 A. Graur                                                         A Rodrigues    


Special thanks to Kang Zhou, MS in Architecture (UA) for help in space planning for the installations and Eric Gonzales at the AZ Historical Society Museum  




Allison Leigh Holt                                                                                    Discovery Room /Gallery

Patrick Palucki                                                            Discovery Room  

 Contemporary Human Sign- and (Digital) Toolmaking


Sylvie  Herrouet                                                       Discovery Room

Freedom Laboratory, The Liberator Power of The Virtual Thought


Stuart Ross Snider                                                    Board Room

 Inner Thought 


Barry Urie                                                                                Board Room/Treasure Gallery

Physics Of The Mind                                                     


Rob La Frenais                                                           Board Room   

Artists Between Species     


Tonietta  Walters                                                                                        Treasure Gallery

Self-Directed Merging Real & Virtual          


Ana L. M. Rodrigues                                                            Treasure Gallery

 Drawing As Mediation  


Lia Min                                                                        Hidden Room

EEG:EGG2013 Interactive installation using EEG input        


Gino Yu                                                                      Treasure Gallery

The Minds Behind GENI Lab (geni-lab.com)

Affecting States of Consciousness and Worldview Using Video Game Technologies

See abstract -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VblofRjtXjQ.



John Walter                                                              Board Room

Discovering your true reflection

The True Mirror – An Accurate Reflection of One’s Self


Alexander Graur, A Clinical Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder         Treasure Gallery

Treated With Music Integrative Neurotherapy TM


Arts and Humanities                                                                          Treasure Gallery


ART-TECH ABSTRACTS and Art Posters   


Jareh Das

Performing Pain: Performance Art from the perspective of neuroscience -Treasure Gallery


Pritam Pyari

Musical Consciousness Test Based on Indian Classical Ragas    P1 Treasure Gallery

Ed Sarath

Improvisation, intersubjectivity and the Hard Problem of Consciousness P1 Treasure Gallery

James Tagg

Free Universe Model: The Nature of Creativity in Man and Our Universe  P2  Treasure Gallery

Pam Payne

Cult of the Head, Alternative Models of Consciousness  P2  Treasure Gallery

Tania Re

Analysis of the Material and Immaterial Elements in the Healing Places: The Case of Mayantuyacu in Peruvian Amazon Forest    P2 Treasure Gallery

Lu Zhang

Consciousness And Expression: Life Consciousness And Artistic Expression In Chinese Art Songs    P2   Treasure Gallery

Stanley Jungleib

Subtle Energy Legitimized    P2  Treasure Gallery


and many others

in loving memory                                                                            Treasure Gallery    

Dave Cantrell  Science & Art and Center for Consciousness Studies


D. Cantrell      

Auditorium / stage    


Auditorium (majority of poster          

boards will be in Auditorium)                                                             


Treasure gallery                                                   




Discovery Room     


Board Room


Hidden Room