Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014 - April 21-26, 2014



After the Plenary Program on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, between 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.,

we offer eight parallel sessions: Concurrents - with 4-5 speakers in each concurrent session  to cover particular focused areas. Each Speaker has 20 minutes for their presentation with 5 minutes for discussion.


Link to Abstracts:       BY SESSION       BY SCHEDULE


T U E S D A Y,  April 22, 2014  - 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.   


C 1  Materialism and the explanatory gap:   

Chair: Paula Droege                                    

Participants:  Kobes, Weisberg, Dorsey, DeLancey,  Fuerst

Room   Canyon A

C 2  Reflexivity and unity:     

Chair: Leopold Stubenberg                                                                                             

Participants:  Coseru, Gennaro/Hameroff, Schriner, Williford, Van Gulick

Room:  Sabino

C 3  Extended and distributed consciousness:                                                      

Chair:  Uzi Awret

Participants: Schwitzgebel, Pitt, Seemann, Vold,  Schlicht  

Room: Canyon B

C 4  Perceptual consciousness:  

Chair: Julia Mossbridge                                                                                    

Participants: Kentridge, Rausch, Faw, B., Pavloski,  Gruber

Room: Canyon C

C 5  Disorders of consciousness:                                                                                       

Chair: Jay Sanguinetti

Participants:  Berlin, Scott, K., Cerullo, Gendle, Fink

Room:  Board Room - 1st Floor


C 6  Computational approaches:  

 Chair: Quinlan Amos                                                                                 

Participants: Yampolskiy, Friedman, Watanabe, Seymour, Deiss

Room: Ventana

C 7  Altered states:        

Chair:  Jeffrey Martin                                                                                                              

Participants:  Garcia-Romeu, Addy, Goldstein M,  H. Vyner, Maimon-Bourzat, 

Room:  Madera

C 8  Quantum approaches 

Chair:  Travis Craddock                                                                                             

Participants: Atmanspacher, Beim-Graben, Kafatos, , Hagelin, Bhaumik

Room: Pima



W E D N E S D A Y,    April 23, 2014  -  5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

C 9   Neutral monism and panpsychism:  

Chair:  Uzi Awret                                          

Participants:  Stubenberg, Bruentrup, Carruth, Robinson, Silberstein

Room: Sabino

C 10  Consciousness and attention:                                              


Participants: Silins, Taylor, Maitra, Brandmeyer, Yaojun Lu

Room:  Canyon A

C 11  Foundational issues in the science of consciousness

Chair: Bernard Kobes      

Participants:  Fiala, L'Hote, Klein, Dulany, Pylkkanen

Room: Pima

C 12  Sleep and dreams: 

Chair: Michael Graziano                                                              

Participants:    Lynn, S., Windt, Sandman, Bucci, LaBerge

Room:  Canyon B

C 13  Brain stimulation

Chair: Sourav Ghosh                                                             

Participants:  Frenzel, Sanguinetti, Gupta, Raman, Sahni

Room: Madera

C 14  Meditation:  

Chair:  Al Kaszniak                                                                     

Participants: Latham, Walling, Josipovic, Whitmarsh, Singleton

Room: Ventana

C 15   History of consciousness:                                                 

Chair:  Donald Hoffman

Participants:  Hough, Albahari, Pecere, Doyle, Laukes 

Room: Board Room, 1st Floor 


C 16  Vibrations and scale:  

Chair: Travis Craddock                                            

Participants: Bieberich, Atasoy, Waller, Alewine, Bair


F R I D A Y,    April 25, 2014 -   5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

C 17  Philosophy of perception:   

Chair, Terry Horgan                                            

Partcipants:  Farennikova,   Biggs, Manzotti, Springle, Droege

Room, Canyon A   

C 18  Free will and Agency:  

Chair:   Paavo Pylkkanen                                                       

Participants:  Herdova, Deery, Mogi, Dow, Seli

Room:  Board Room, 1st Floor       


C 19  Time and consciousness:  

CHAIR:  Daniel Sheehan                                                   

Participants:  Raulefs, Tschacher, Neisser, Alexander, van Pelt

Room: Ventana


C 20   Emotion and affect:    

Chair: Al Kaszniak                                                           

Participants:  Panksepp,   Aydede, Shanor, Fazelpour, Yeh, Li-Hao 

Room:  Canyon B

C 21  Brain networks and consciousness:

Chair:  George Mashour

Participants:   Xu, Y., Vitiello, Freeman, Agarwal Gautam,  Moraes

Room: Pima

C 22  First-person approaches

Chair:  Alan Combs                                                   

Participants:  Lefforge, Martin, Mangan, Speth, Woodruff-Smith

Room: Canyon C

C 23  Anomalies of consciousness:                                                 

Chair:  Sam Parnia

Al Faki, Standish, Scott, M., Smolker, Schwartz

Room: Sabino

C 24  Biophysics:

Chair:  Sourav Ghosh                                                                     

Participants:  Cook, Awret, Craddock, Taylor H., Tsang WH   

Room:  Madera