MONDAY MORNING    April 21, 2014     

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM        5 workshops

Workshop Name                                                                                       Room

DEI East-West Forum    part 1                       SABINO

East:   P. Sriramam S. Roy, V. Sahni,  A.K. Mukhopadhyay, B. D. Dhir, P.S. Satsangi

West: R. Gennaro, J. Barrell, J. Tuszynski,  P. Pylkkanen, S. Hameroff

Forum Coordinator : Dr. Bani Dayal Dhir;  Forum Organizer : Dr. Vishal Sahni, Dayalbagh Educational Institute 

.Eastern spiritual traditions and Western science converge in a series of talks and discussions.

Live 2-way video hookup with Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Agra, India 

Links to East-West Forum Abstracts (will be printed as a group in the TSC abstract book)

1. DEI - Final Vision and Plenary Talks       

2.  Final Oral Abstracts     

3.  DEI Final Poster Abstracts

 East-West Forum Poster Session  5:00-7:00 PM                   VENTANA                     


Microtubules and Quantum Biology                  MADERA         

Sir Roger Penrose, Stuart Hameroff, Jack Tuszynski,

Travis Craddock, Anirban Banyopadhyay

.quantum vibrations in microtubules support the controversial Orch OR theory, and provide a basis for EEG

as ‘beat frequencies’ of intra-neuronal dynamics



Sleights of Mind:                                               CANYON A     

The Illusory Nature of Perception and Deception                        

Stephen L. Macknik

.how our brain constructs - rather than reconstructs - the world we see, featuring exciting,

novel illusions by the best magicians of the new millennium


Nondual Awareness and the                             CANYON B

Unity of Consciousness:   Experience and Research   

Zoran Josipovic, Judith Blackstone

contemplative experiences describe a unity transcending self-object dichotomy. Neuroimaging reveals possible

mechanisms for nondual awareness


Toward a Standardized                                    CANYON C

Curriculum of Consciousness Studies                                     

Allan Combs, Jeffery Martin and others TBA

.how to build, and receive institutional approval for college and graduate level courses for a

well-rounded course in consciousness studies



MONDAY AFTERNOON      April 21, 2014      

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm         5 Workshops


DEI East-West Forum / part 2                           SABINO

Poster Set up -  after lunch                         

  DEI Poster Session  5:00 PM -7:00 PM     VENTANA       


New Discoveries in Consciousness Science     MADERA

Bernard J. Baars

..a survey of new developments regarding consciousness and coma, brain stimulation, cognitive enhancers, sleep,

emotion, oscillations, brain ‘hubs’ and global workspace theory


Neuroscience of Music, Consciousness & Therapy    CANYON  A

Alexander Graur, Giuseppe Vitiello

.how does music relate to consciousness, and vice versa? Applications of Music Integration Neurotherapy TM   to mood,

personality and sleep disorders

"First-Person Methods: Philosophers'                CANYON  B

Dreams or  Researchers' Nightmares?"                

Jennifer Windt, Sascha Benjamin Fink

..first person introspection meets the science of dreams and spatial navigation.

Try the ‘feelSpace belt’ to augment spatial  orientation

Preserving Consciousness:                                 CANYON  C

How a Missing Science of Consciousness Hobble s Life-Saving Medical Research

Kenneth Hayworth, Randal Koene, Max More

...the age old dream of preserving consciousness after bodily death is bolstered by new initiatives in brain mapping,

cryonics and other technologies. Three authorities boldly face the challenges of ‘mind uploading’


MONDAY EVENING    April 21, 2014   

7:30 - 10:30 PM      2 Workshops


The Reality Problem:                                          MADERA-PIMA

Can Science Become Enlightened?      

Deepak Chopra

Brain Stimulation                                                  CANYON  A                 

W.J. Tyler 

..noninvasive brain stimulation includes transcranial magnetic, direct current and ultrasound (TMS, tDCS, TUS).
Applications for neurological, psychiatric, cognitive enhancement and experiential entertainment will be presented.
Attendees are invited to a post-workshop ‘brain stim social’ at a nearby venue, sponsored by Neurotrek.


TUESDAY MORNING    April 22, 2014    

9:00 am -1:00 pm       6 Workshops


From Phenomenology to                                          SABINO

Consciousness and Back:     

Integrated Information Theory (IIT) 3.0

Giulio Tononi

Quantum Cognition                                                MADERA

Harald Atmanspacher, Peter Bruza, Peter beim Graben, Paavo Pylkkänen


The Healthy Human Mind                                        CANYON A                                             

Tibetan Lamas and The Science of the Stream of Consciousness;

Research on the nature of the healthy human mind

amongst Tibetan Lamas in South and Central Asia South and Central Asia

Henry Vyner

...22 years of research and free healthcare amongst Tibetan lamas in South and Central Asia indicate that the egoless


Theatre, Literature and Consciousness                 CANYON B             

Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe, Harry Youtt

...the experience of theatre and literature, encompassing both creative and receptive processes, can be better understood


Philosophical Theories                                           CANYON C  

of Consciousness   

Rocco Gennaro, Josh Weisberg

...dualism e.g. substance dualism, property dualism, and epiphenomenalism as well as nonreductive (but also nondualist)


Expanded States Through Shamanic Wisdom        VENTANA

Francoise Bourzat

while Western Psychology addresses dysfunction by strengthening the ego and addressing psycho-emotional



WEDNESDAY EVENING   April 23, 2014 

6:30 - 11:00 pm   1 workshop - full / off-site           

Nightwalking’ -

Peripheral Vision for Peak Experience                    Off site

Nelson Zink, Petra Stoerig       

participation is limited)  Feliz Paseos Park



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TSC Conference Registrants      $75      

Workshop Only for Non-conference Registrants     $125


East West Forum:

Full Day Morning, Afternoon - East West Forum

TSC Conference Registrants   $100      

Workshop Only for Non-conference Registrants      $150


Wednesday Trip/Field Study   - FULL

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