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2018 General Conference Information/Archive

The Science of Consciousness Conference


April 2-8, 2018

Tucson AZ

2018  TSC Abstract Book and Conference Program

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Michael P. and the Gully Washers    

(pertinent or otherwise) on stage on any topic related to consciousness or

their own verses of the Zombie Blues - The audience is encouraged to be rowdy and jeering. 



Quantum Biology    (Salon E)

Consciousness, Pain and Addiction  (Salon D)      

Consciousness Hacking   (Catalina J)         

East West Forum  part 2 (Kiva)     


Tuesday April 3 (morning only) (9:00-12:30)

Thurs Dinner/Show:  $75 optional

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The TSC Abstract Submission System is now closed.  

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Final Conference Announcement 3/6/18

UA Health Sciences Office of Public Affairs, 2018 TSC Conference - News Release 12/12/17

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