Highlights of TSC Conferences

Message from Conference Chair

Stuart Hameroff


The Science of Consciousness

Tucson Biennial Conferences Series (since 1994)

& Alternate Year International TSC Conferences (since 1995)

in Cooperation with Partner Organizations and Institutions


'The Science of Consciousness' (‘TSC’) is the world’s largest and

longest-running interdisciplinary conference on all aspects of the

nature of conscious awareness, feelings and existence.


These include how the brain produces consciousness, 

how consciousness can causally affect brain processes, the

best empirical theories, do we have free will, evolution life

and consciousness, the origins of moral and of aesthetic values,

how to improve mental, physical and cognitive function, and whether 

consciousness can persist after bodily death, e.g. through ‘uploading’ to

machines, or via mental processes tied to the structure of reality.


These and other relevant questions are approached through many disciplines

in science, philosophy ,business, the arts and contemplative practices.


For example, many see the brain as a computer, with consciousness

emerging from complex computation among brain neurons, or from

as-yet-unknown circuits or features of biological matter and energy.

This approach motivates ‘brain mapping’, artificial intelligence (‘AI’)

and efforts to ‘upload’ human minds into conscious machines.


On the other hand, some see consciousness as a fundamental

property of the universe, akin to mass, spin or charge, rather than

emerging from them. These approaches include panpsychism, dualism, 

idealism, Eastern philosophy, Whitehead, quantum physics and cosmology.


TSC began in 1994 at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, and returns

to Tucson in even-numbered years, alternating with TSC conferences

around the globe (Italy, Denmark, Japan, Hungary, Hong Kong, Sweden,

Czech Republic, India, Helsinki and Interlaken, Switzerland in 2019.


The Center collaborates with academic institutes around

the world. CCS   is located at the University of Arizona. (since 1994)


The next TSC Tucson Conference will be held at


The 2020 conference will consist of Plenary talk sessions, Concurrent talk

sessions, Posters, Technology and Art Exhibits, Social Events,

Entertainment, Pre-conference Workshops and Satellite Excursions.

Abstract submissions are invited for consideration

for Plenary and Concurrent Talks, Posters and Exhibits.



Stuart Hameroff MD

University of Arizona, Director CCS, Co-Chair TSC



1994-2020    TUCSON ARIZONA

1994 Tucson 1    Apr 12-17, 1994

1996 Tucson 2    Apr   8-13, 1996   

1998 Tucson 3    Apr 27- May 2,1998

2000 Tucson 4    Apr 10-15,  2000

2002 Tucson 5    Apr  8-12,   2002

2004 Tucson 6    Apr  7-11,   2004

2006 Tucson 7    Apr  4-8,     2006

2008 Tucson 8    Apr  8-12,   2008

2010 Tucson 9    Apr  12-17, 2010

2012 Tucson 10  Apr   9-14,  2012

2014 Tucson 11  Apr  21-26, 2014- 20th Anniversary

2016 Tucson 12  Apr  25-30, 2016  

2018 Tucson 13   Apr   2-7,   2018

2020 Tucson 14  Apr 13-18,  2020 - upcoming




Co-Sponsored Conferences

TSC - Science of Consciousness

The alternate year international co-sponsored TSC

conferences held overseas in cooperation

with partner organizations and institutions.


1995-2017- Past Cities have included:

1995 Ischia, Italy 

1997 Elsinore, Denmark

1999 Tokyo, Japan

2001 Skovde, Sweden

2003 Prague, Czech Republic

2005 Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 Budapest, Hungary

2009 Hong Kong, China

2011 Stockholm, Sweden

2013 Agra, India

2015, Helsinki, Finland

2017, San Diego, USA

2019  Interlaken, Switzerland

2021  TBA