The Science of Consciousness - TSC 2020


Kiva Ballroom


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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

PL1: Time and Consciousness

Carlo Rovelli, The Relation Between Physical Time and Consciousness [214]

Sylvie Droit-Volet, The Awareness of the Passage of Time [161]

Dean V Buonoamo, The Brain is a Time Machine: The Neuroscience of Time [129]


PL2: Reality / Illusion

Donald Hoffman, Spacetime Is Doomed: Implications for the Hard Problem of Consciousness [85]

Keith Frankish, The Case Against Consciousness [59]


PL3: Psychedelic Science

Paul Stamets, Psilocybin Analogs & Neurogenesis [152]

Christopher Timmermann-Slater, Mapping immersive states of consciousness: DMT and the human brain [153]

Mark Rasenick, Neurobiology of antidepressant action: Cellular and molecular aspects pertinent to the antidepressant effects of dissociative anesthetics and psychedelics. [151]


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

PL4: Vibrations, Resonance and Consciousness

Lawrence Zbikowski, Music, Resonance, Consciousness [302]

Selen Atasoy, Harmonics as a Principle of Brain Function [113]

Tam HuntJonathan W. Schooler The easy part of the Hard Problem: A resonance theory of consciousness [115]


PL5: Enhancing Consciousness with Brain Stimulation

Alexander Bystritsky, X [114]

Shinzen Young, A Novel Research Direction for Contemplative Neuroscience with Sonication Enhanced Mindfulness Acquisition [270]


PL6: Psychedelic Experience

Dennis McKenna, After The Revolution..Is There A Future For Natural Psychedelics? [149]

Luis Eduardo Luna, Animism, the use of psychedelic plants and fungi by Amerindian populations, its rejection, and the Anthropocene. Cultural-historical considerations. [148]

Ede Frecska, An ontological interpretation of "anomalous" experiences [147]


Thursday, April 16, 2020

PL7: The Role of Consciousness in Decision Making and Action Formation

Aaron Schurger, The readiness potential in the study of conscious free will [82]

Uri Maoz, On the Role of Consciousness in Deliberate Decisions [184]

Eve Atchariya Isham, The role of subjective temporal experience in decision making [80]

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, PhD, Beyond Libet: Correlations, Hypnosis and Icebergs [55]


PL8: Self, Consciousness and Psychedelic Experience - Keynote

Michael Pollan, Self, Consciousness, and Psychedelic Experience [150]


PL9: Is the Universe Conscious?

Miri Albahari, How can the world be grounded in universal consciousness? [14]

Deepak Chopra, The Universe Isn't Conscious - The Universe is Consciousness [18]

Philip Goff, Panpsychism Is the Future [19]


Friday, April 17, 2020

PL10: Quantum Computing / AI / Quantum Consciousness

Hartmut Neven, Peter Read When are Atoms Happy? [199]

Anita Goel, xx [197]

Stuart Hameroff,  xx [198]


PL11: Space and Time in the Brain - Keynote

Edvard Moser, Space and time: Pathways to understanding high-level brain functions [212]


PL12: Origin of EEG

Paul L. Nunez, What Does EEG Tell Us About Consciousness? [109]

M. Bruce MacIver, Synapses, Neurons and Circuits Generating Eeg Signals [143]

Horacio F. Cantiello, Electrical Oscillations of Brain Microtubular Structures [127]


Saturday, April 18, 2020

PL13: Predictive Coding

Peter Kok, How expectation shapes perception: from cortical layers to brain-wide networks [112]

Lucia Melloni, Xxx [163]


PL14: Are Plants Conscious ?

Jon Mallatt, Plants are not conscious [238]

Monica Gagliano,xx De-baiting Consciousness [254]